Awareness of the Antibiotics Growth Promotors (AGP)

The Indonesian livestock producers have to produce the extra protein without the ‘help’ of antibiotic growth promoters, as these is officially banned since of January 1st, 2018. Antibiotics use for therapeutic purposes is still allowed for up to seven days under veterinary supervision. Indonesian feed millers have steps already to reformulate their products. Feed millers have already started to use more AGP alternative products/feed additive such as probiotics, short-chain fatty acids, enzyme, probiotics and prebiotics.

Functional feed additives have been proven to play an important role in minimising the use of AGPs, in combination with good farm and health management. These kind of additives, used in the drinking water and feed, increase growth performance and decrease the feed conversion ratio. In addition, they can have positive effects on the gut microbiota balance, the gut mucosal barrier and the immunity of the animal. All of this contributes to a healthy animal with good performance within an AGP-free production system, where the only antibiotics used are for therapeutic purposes. Poultry producers can now be shown that it is possible to stop using AGPs without suffering a loss in profitability. By replacing AGPs with feed additives, they can actually make more money, while also reducing the risk of antimicrobial resistance.